I mentioned in my last post that I’m one of those who ‘traditionally’ finds Christmas tough, and this year was no exception. Despite the huge relief of the kids being chuffed with their prezzies, happily no complaints there, I found the day a struggle. If I’m brutally honest I felt depressed and disillusioned, the weather was miserable and we didn’t venture out (not like us at all…); the kids, by late afternoon, were over-tired and frankly impossible; the high of the morning lost by the time Christmas lunch was served late afternoon.

It was exhausting. Happily, Boxing Day came with the resolve to do things better; to deal with things more positively. And, it happened, it was a more positive day all round, a day where we got out for a good stretch around Regents Park.

Simply being outdoors really works for us, and it’s something I think I’m going to be coming back to in greater detail in the new year, when for example I’m hoping to share the watery wonders of our new ‘Wild Place’ at school. We’re developing an inner-city wonderplace for children and adults.

As a taster of the kind of thing to come, the images today also come from the July 2012 folder of images I was editing in the pub the other night.

This time they show Fin & Joe wandering down the valley from the northern portal of Shackerstone Tunnel on the Cotswold Canal to the first bridge.

High Summer, bright sunshine, a few stones to throw and a few twigs to collect, what could be simpler, and what could be better???  


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