You know, on reflection – and now the house has gone quiet – I’m going to put it all down to over-tiredness and over-indulgence. No, not me, it’s the kids… they’ve been having what can only be described as very tricky days, by turns calm and contented and then, for little discernible reason, naughty, manic and/or tearful.

I think they could all benefit from a little more fresh air, a little less containment in the house, and simpler times, less computers, less excess!

Certainly the best times today were out and about, the scootering in Regents Park or the walk down to South Hampstead station to watch the expresses thunder towards Euston…

Todays image was taken in an altogether different place, both psychologically and physically.

It was mid-summer, everyone was sunnier, calmer, everything was going well, and everyone was getting on better… if only we could ‘bottle’ those days eh?


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