There are times, admittedly few, when washing the breakfast pots becomes an absolute pleasure! Friday morning last week was one of those times… and it was because I heated the water for the bowl in my trusty, and pretty darned marvellous, Kelly Kettle!

I didn’t have any twigs to hand, but I did have a few oddments of timber, and with the axe I broke that up into useable chunks. The flames caught quickly and a can of boiling water bubbled in minutes. Just two cans were enough for a steaming bowl of soapy washing up water… better still Claire then volunteered to do the washing-up anyway!


3 thoughts on “A Kelly Kettle in Winter

  1. Hi Barbie

    Thanks for the comment, if I’m right in thinking you’re referring to the header image (?) then that’s our Molly battling with Slat Mill Lock on the South Oxford last Summer. She’s a very determined young lady is Molly!

    best wishes



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