Sometimes an image is enough…




3 thoughts on “A little more Summer…

  1. Now that is painful Nick. I’ve broken a big toe three times and it’s in there with the arthritis in the joint. I can’t bear a cobweb on it when the gout attacks. My prescription is a cup of tea and a Naproxen or two. Uric acid crystals, nasty fighters!

    All the best, John


  2. Morning John, thanks so much for the empathetic note. Happily over the last year I’ve only had one other bout.
    You’re so right though, when gout strikes the best course of action is to reach for the meds (which happily really do seem to work) grit your teeth, recognise there’s a period of intense pain ahead and get on with life. Amazing just how malicious a few crystals can be…
    best wishes


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