Today’s been a gorgeous mock-Spring day in London. Not quite shirt-sleeves, after all it’s still only February, but warm enough to go out without a winter coat or scarf. It felt liberating.

And optimistic, as the Spring flowers have broken ground and are surging for the sky.

We collected twigs on Hampstead Heath to use as kindling in the stove when we go back to Eileen later this week – I hope the weather holds – it’d be grand to take a day’s round trip up to Cropredy and back…

And the fine weather got me thinking about that other aspect of the 2013 Boating Season – the boating festivals and extravaganzas…

The IWA website (click HERE) has a detailed calendar of upcoming events, and if you search for The 2013 Festival of London Waterways there information about events around the London region, a festival anchored around 8 events across the Summer…

4th – 6th May Canalway Cavalcade Little Venice, Maida Vale
18th – 19th May Rickmansworth Festival Grand Union Canal
5th – 7th July Ware Boat Festival River Lee
19th – 21st July IWA National Festival, Cassiobury Park Watford
10th – 11th August Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Details to be agreed and announced
1st September Angel Canal Festival Regents Canal, Islington
14th – 15th September Mayors Thames River Festival
7th – 8th September Slough Canal Festival Grand Union Slough Arm – Details to be announced

St Pancras Cruising Club – is organising accompanied discovery cruises for boats around the waterways of London, covering the ‘normal’ barrier and tideway cruises, and a series of cruises taking in as many of the lesser known and seldom visited creeks, rivers and basins across London. Details are available on the Club’s website.



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