The Can’s still evolving. This post brings you up to date. As you can see in this photo, on a couple of the upper panels I’m experimenting with a different, slightly daisy-ish kind of flower design. This motif, based on flowers seen on a number of Cans from the late 19thC, will appear either side of the handle.

I’ve extended the red band of the handle down the back of the Can to form a ‘spine’. This helps divide the Can into a number of smaller panels or sections. The blue dots are the start of a third kind of flower, a simple daisy. There will, in effect, be a ‘daisy chain’ running along the handle and down this ‘spine’.
The second stage of the motif on the upper panels. Red ‘petals’ are added around the orange ‘heart’ of the flower.
The second stage of the smaller daisy design too, yellow dots over the blue dots to form the heart of these flowesr.
The motif is coming together, with yellow detailing added to the central flower design, and white tips added to the four outer leaves (for the sake of consistency across the Can the leaves will be painted in the same way as other leaves already on the Can.

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