Just time for a very hasty post today. I’m taking up the story of the walk we took at half term, along the Regents Canal from St. Pancras up into Camden.

In this graffiti-ed photo Claire, with kids fore and aft, is walking beneath the bridges that carry Royal College Street across the canal. Beneath the arch we’re looking out towards the relatively recent residential development on the old Lawford & Sons Wharf, Camden.

The site created controversy back in the early ‘noughties’, when they were seeking planning permission, as the site contained Grade 2 listed wharf cottages built in the 1840’s. Happily these were later preserved, as part of the planning consent being granted, and today sit at the back of the site, sadly obscured from the water front by ‘flats inspired by ocean-going liners’ – Why, oh why ocean-going liners when this was a historic inland wharf served by magnificant wide beam inland lighters???

James Davies Group (15)

John Eeles Lawford (what a name!) had started as a slate merchant in Euston Road in 1840’s and to take advantage of access to the canals moved to the wharf in Lyme Street a few years later. For much of its existence it was a timber wharf.

This is a quarter of the  Grand Union Canal route map (c.1938) showing the wharves and docks between St. Pancras, on the Regents Canal and Bulls Bridge, shows Lawson & Sons having two wharves in Camden – Devonshire and College wharves. ps. this is a fascinating map, just look at all those industries served by wharves along the canal!!! Does anyone know if the map’s available in reproduction anywhere???

One of the delights of a Water Walk for me is the fact that they peek my curiosity, I want to know more, and I’m learning all the time, and as I go I’m enriching my knowledge of this, my local waterway. Have a good weekend!


2 thoughts on “Lawford’s Wharf, Camden

  1. We used to boat to Lawfords en masse from Battlebridge in the late 70s / Early 80s to get Gas – It was a builders’ merchants at the time and there was none of this boat delivery for anything that wasn’t solid fuel!


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