The pot we put Claire’s flowers in last Mother’s Day weekend was the start of it. It showed, on it’s four sides, the following delicate paintings of mainly native flowers:





I’d been thinking about what to add to the remaining panels on my 3 gallon traditional Water Can, and was drawn to the idea of perhaps experimenting with other flower forms, not just roses, but daisies, primulas, pansies etc.

In looking for examples of historic water cans displaying variations on the theme of rose I was surprised to find that different flower designs weren’t as rare as I’d thought. In fact, the older the Water Can the more varied the flower motifs tended to be. Here are a few examples:

As far as Man v. Can is concerned, progress this week has been in the form of what might be described as a ‘daisy-chain’ across the handle and down the spine of the Can.

So far, it looks like this:


There’s quite a bit more to do, in terms of detailing, but hopefully you get the general idea?


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