This was the scene at Hardwick Wharf on Saturday morning. Snow flurried down and there was a good covering on the ground.

Over the Winter period we’d identified a number of priorities for improving life on Eileen this year. In brief they were: beds, light and water.

Last year we got much of the basic plumbing/wiring in and then made do with a rather basic ‘camping approach’ to boating involving a fair bit of making do with sleeping bags, blow-up mattresses, gas lamps and candles etc.

This year we’re hoping to make things a little more comfortable so that we can start to use the boat for longer stays. I’ve already sketched out basic bunks for the kids and hope, one way or another, to get them built by the Summer holidays; and last weekend I made a start on improving the lighting by fitting 3 lights along, what is in effect, the ‘top plank’ (ie. where we have a useful service channel) in the Long Cabin.

This view of the Long Cabin, looking towards the bow, shows the ‘services channel’ running along the ‘top plank’ or ‘roof’. Last year the wiring was fed along the channel from a new fusebox in the back cabin so last weekend’s job was a satisfyingly simple one of connecting up a couple of wires for each light…
Eh, Voila! We have light. I bought the circular aluminium-style bulkhead light fittings from Uxbridge Boat Centre a fortnight ago. I think they’re good value at approx. £14.00. Eventually there will be at least six of them running the length of the Long Cabin. Having switches on each light means we’ll have lots of flexibility, lights able to be turned on and off in all sections of the Long Cabin as required.
Here’s another view, this time from the bathroom space, looking towards the back cabin and stern. In this photo the light looks a little ‘wonky’ – a trick of the light – I hope!
Meanwhile, outdoors snow powdered down, the thermometer plummeted, and Winter-in-Spring took hold – brrrr!

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