The last weekend of the Easter holidays took us back to Banbury and a walk up the Cut to collect the boat, left in Cropredy after our Easter weekend away. It was one of those semi-Spring days, not quite warm, but certainly not as cold as the recent chill-spell had been. The towpath was a ‘perfect quagmire’ for a slippery and fun welly-walk! Passing Hardwick Lock we met an adventurous dad with his 2 year old daughter canoeing down the Cut in a double canoe. Now there’s a thought…

The South Oxford Canal’s not all chocolate-box, honey-stone villages, here’s the dramatic concrete brutalism of the M40 slicing through an 18th C landscape and altering the line of the canal…
Mid-point and time to catch our breaths and have a bit of a snack…
The Boys delighted in glimpsing the trains passing regularly in the distance. Their current passion for all things railway-ish provided a useful bargaining chip, urging them forward on the walk  with promises of still better views of trains!
Our Eileen safe and sound on the 14 day moorings outside Cropredy.
3/5ths of our ‘Motley Crew’!
“Aye, aye Captain!” 

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