View of the Transit Shed from the South,  showing SSEB Clydesmill locomotive No. 3 and a Caledonian Railway coach entering shed Photo: John R Hume 1970

The images in this post were mainly taken in the 1970’s and show the Scottish Railway Preservation Society’s Springfield Railway Yard, Wallace Street, Falkirk.

In 1961 the Scottish Railway Preservation Society was founded. In 1964 the Society opened a base at Falkirk, where it’s ever-expanding collection of railway rolling stock and equipment was amassed.

Their collection was housed in the former transit shed for iron castings, which was a steel-framed and corrugated-iron-clad structure built by the North British Railway c.1870.

The corrugated iron shed was, at first, thought far too large for the Society’s collection, however, as the following images show, it was soon full to overflowing with magnificent material!

Later the adjacent railway sidings were leased from British Rail and some of the locomotives in the collection restored to running order.

From its earliest days, the Society aspired to use the collection, and its volunteers’ skills, to operate a public railway, on which the collection could be demonstrated in a more authentic working environment. After many years of searching for a suitable site, the Society started work at Bo’ness in 1979.

As part of Falkirk’s urban redevelopment plans in the late 1980’s the corrugated iron depot was demolished and all of the rolling stock was moved to Bo’ness. Now only the photographs remain – but what an amazing Aladdin’s Cave of a place it must have been!

An fine array of Society locos outside the southern entrance to the shed. Photo: John R Hume 1974
Ex. Cally Railway 0-4-0ST No.13 outside the shed Photo: John R Hume 1969
A view of the shed from NW showing it’s impressive size. Photo: John R Hume 1970
SSEB loco No. 3 with transit shed in background Photo: John R Hume 1970
Interior of shed showing it’s construction, and a plethora of useful ‘stuff’ Photo: John R Hume 1977
Interior, showing steam engine ‘Maude’ Photo: John R Hume 1977
Interior, showing steam engine ‘City of Aberdeen’ with ‘Maude’ behind Photo: John R Hume 1977
Interior, showing engine ‘Maude’ with other steam engines in background Photo: John R 1977
Interior, you can almost hear the noise and bustle of the place… Photo: John R Hume 1977
View from SW showing locomotive ‘Maude’ Photo: John R Hume 1967

2 thoughts on “Springfield Transit Shed c.1970’s

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the link… much appreciated. It’s great to see a bit of ‘wrinkled tin’ being restored.

      best wishes Nick


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