Two BR (ex LMR) day boats are stopped under the Groveland (Tividale) Aquaduct in the Netherton Tunnel Branch. The square brick building behind the front horse has a water turbine which provided electricity to light the tunnel (Photo: TW King, Dudley Archives centre)

The aqueduct carries the Old Main Line above the Netherton Tunnel Branch The iron down pipes fed a water from the canal above into a turbine house in the brick building on the island, which generated the electricity needed to illuminate the 2768 metre Netherton Tunnel. The main photo in this post was taken with the day boats stopped under the right hand arch, as we look at this photo. The dead straight canal stretches away into the distance. The tunnel is behind the camera in this shot.
This is a view through the aqueduct in the direction of the tunnel, and shows the canal cottages, and portal of Netherton Tunnel in the background. (Again the locate the main photo above, in this case the day boats would have been stopped in the left hand portal…)
The cottages, beautifully restored.
And, looking back from the top to the aqueduct, along the line of the Netherton Branch

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