Looking across the Pool towards the line of decorated boats. The arcade of stalls have sensibly been moved up to the higher level roadway, the towpath was still heaving though…

If it’s the Early Spring Bank Holiday then it’s the welcome arrival of brightly decorated boats in Browning’s Pool at Little Venice for London IWA’s Canal Cavalcade. I pass the Pool as I drive to work most mornings and it’s always exciting to see the boats arrive and watch the marquees, flags and bunting go up.

Flags, bunting, shining brass and a bowler hat – it can only be Cavalcade!

The IWA Canal Cavalcade is one of London’s village fete events, albeit a fete on steroids. It’s a little bit of village-England de-camped to the heart of the city and located beneath the streaming traffic of the Westway fly-over. And, it’s where you’ll find Morris dancers, bric-a-brac stalls, a beer tent, food stalls and Punch & Judy encamped alongside the boats.

The Cavalcade is a wonderfully positive affirmation of good will and good humour as vast numbers of people wonder along the canalside simply looking at the boats and soaking in the friendly atmosphere.

There’s a huge groundswell of support for our waterways out there.

The crowds were certainly out in force on the Sunday when we attended. Here’s a visual summary of our day:

‘Jason’s Trip’ boat waiting to take visitors on a short cruise up through Maida Tunnel and back.
A hint of the crowds that thronged the towpath…
A boat decked out in gloriously extravagant style…
Small narrow boat, big blooms…
I’ll write a post about the Cans and other painted ware later in the week…
And to show that it ain’t all water-related, here’s our Fin having a fine old time beneath Westway fly-over on the mini-roundabout…
Joe too…
A moment’s calm, a gap in the crowds, the Pool looking stunning in Spring sunshine…
Archetypal Cavalcade, boat and bowler-hatted boat-owner in perfect harmony!

2 thoughts on “IWA Canal Cavalcade 2013

    1. Hi Andy, it’s certainly a lively show, with huge crowds, I’m sure you’d do really well. Are you at Crick this year?


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