The third weekend in May is the traditional time for the Rickmansworth Waterways Trust’s Rickmansworth Festival.

The Festival is centred around Watersmeeting, where the River Colne meets Batchworth Locks and the southern Grand Union Canal, and where the Aquadome, formed by the Batchworth, Bury and Stocker’s Lakes, stands.

It’s a bustling, mildly beery, melting pot of an event with working boats and live-aboards rubbing shoulders with a traditional fairground; craft and food stalls; an environmental fair, canal trips and educational events… All round it’s a little cracker of an event, I can’t think why this is the first time we’ve visited despite only living half an hour away by Metropolitan train – for certain, we’ll be back!

Here’s a snapshot of our day…

The gathering of working boats looking in fine fettle. I’m envious, I really wish we were at a point where we could attend the festivals and gatherings around the waterways, I’d love it – not sure the rest of the family would be quite so enthusiastic though!
Blogger and historic boat owner Alan Fincher focuses on fettling ‘Sickle’ to a fine shine…
The much-loved motor Nutfield and butty Raymond, more information HERE……
I’m a sucker for bunting on boats, something about it just cheers me up!
The view from the fore-deck of the floating classroom ‘Elsdale’ looking back toward Watersmeeting
Buddha smiles on indulgently, inflatable champagne, Union Jacks and boats…
And, who can resist a bit of Morris Dancing, seemingly no waterways event is complete without them…
It’s a Festival of odd juxtapositions, the tranquility of Bury Lake contrasting with the vivid colour and noise of the fairground…
Ah, that’s the Boys, back on a roundabout again and having a lovely time…
The Boys talk to the volunteer manning the stall aboard ‘Raymond’
Man and boat in perfect harmony!
Purposeful GUCCC ‘Archimedes’ passing…
Followed by the ACC’s ‘Victoria’…
A moment of peace, as the Boys have a lovely creative time aboard the ‘Elsdale’ playing with water, drawing and generally being kept busy…
Colour, lettering, characters, sounds all combining to make the Festival a winner for me…
Trevor Maggs checks the historic notes attached to ‘Renfrew’
For me, this shot captures the essence of the Ricky
Gorgeous working boats….
The artwork beneath the bridge on the approach to Batchworth Locks…
Above the locks…

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