On and off throughout this lingering Winter and chilly Spring I’ve returned to the Can. I’ve enjoyed the return. And the challenges and frustrations it’s offered.

It’s gone through many variations and evolutions as I’ve struggled to get it to look more coherent/less ‘bitty and above all to look ‘right’.

Right-ness is so important, the Cans that work for me, regardless of the fluency of the painting are they ones that look balanced and complete, the ones that look just ‘right’.

The designs for the two panels on either side of the handle are coming together, in this image, the petals and the background to the leaves has been sketched in. I tried a ‘yellow spot’ pattern around the leaves of the top design – it wasn’t ‘right’…


The white flowers are getting closer, the middle flower less so…
The yellow dots disappear, I like the graphicacy of black lining, I suspect black and white will become a more dominant feature of the overall design…
I’d never liked the original yellow streaks on the leaves, and began to see the potential of a much simpler leaf with black and white detailing…
Before I could develop the idea further I decided to standardise all the leaves on the Can, so overpainted the lot in preparation for detailing…
Overpainted leaves awaiting detailing in a style more akin to the light & dark of the flowers…
This photo shows what, to me, are much more resolved designs. The leaves and flowers work together rather than clash as they previously did. Is this the start of the Can finally looking ‘right’?

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