The sun shone, and for what felt like the first time this chilly Spring, the temperature soared and the talk was of sunburn on Winter-white skin. A perfect time for a drive up the M1 to Crick and the annual Boat Show.

The kids delighted in the free funfair rides, Claire in the beautiful dogs she stroked, and me in the odd old boat and the chance to put a few faces to names…

Here’s a quick photo-diary of the day:

Two boys, one helter-skelter. Here’s Fin daredevil-ing solo and loving the thrill!
‘President’ chuffed, wheezed and whistled magnificently and drew an admiring crowd all day
Rob Pointon fresh from his year on the waterways painting the canals; was Crick’s first Artist in Residence, charged with recording the event on canvas – here he is at work.
The sun shone brightly, the crowds enjoyed the new boats, all was well in the waterways world.
It was lovely to finally meet Andy Tidy aka Capt. Ahab manning their WildSide Preserves stall. In the bustling activity of the tent we were able to have a quick chat. I hope you had a hugely successful show, best wishes!
It just wouldn’t be one of my posts if I didn’t squeeze in a Can! The big one’s a beauty…
Away from the hurly-burly of the main showground we went to The Moorings Restaurant & Bar for lunch on their sunny patio by the canal. Lovely!
‘Laurel’ poled round whilst we watched…
Family & Bridge.
Look at that sky!


ps. there are lots more posts about waterways gatherings, rallies and shows to be found HERE.


2 thoughts on “Crick Show 2013

  1. Briar Rose was moored just in front of that tug with the woman in the deck chair — well, directly in front of the boat outside it, anyway, as we were on the outside of Ice Breaker.


  2. Hi Adam, sorry not to have bumped into you. We stopped chatting to the lady for ages admiring her Bedlington Terrier. When the kids are older its a dog we’d be tempted to own.

    I hope you had an excellent show?

    We had a lovely day in the sunshine!

    Best wishes



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