I’ve found it difficult in the last two days to make time to write posts, in the bustle of a London-based and demanding half-term week when the onrush of daily life has  caused us to change plans or the weather has made us think twice about this or that, I’ve drawn a bit of a  ‘bloggers blank’!

So, this evening, in a quiet moment I got to thinking about when this odd water-related passion of mine began, and a memory sprung to mind, captured in the little snapshot above.

I think it might have been Rotherham, or perhaps Doncaster, a municipal boating lake, around 1970. We’d have been visiting my mum’s Uncle Arnold & Aunty Kathleen, and that’s my sister and I adrift on a pedalo, not looking at ease at all, unlike the speedy characters in the background!

Was this the moment when the nervousness, captured in this single image, dissolved? Was this when a broad smile broke across my face and I began to turn the handles and make the little boat move? Was this where the seed of an idea of owning a boat germinated? Perhaps. Yes, perhaps it was.


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