It feel like I’m heading home! To a mooring that’s affectionately¬†know simply as The Arm. Amazingly it’s been five years since I sold my last boat ‘Onward’ (just before the Boys were born) and left the mooring, and for a while the waterways altogether. It’s such a positive feeling to be now returning ‘home’ to The Arm with a new boat, a family and a determination to make the most of the waterways once more!

The Arm is a great place to enjoy a canal-paced life. Where a mug of tea and a good chat are as important (more important!) than getting the work done. It ain’t a place for rushing about, and it’s all the better for that.
Whilst visiting The Arm ¬†I had the good fortune to catch up with Steve Haywood who was preparing for his forthcoming extended trip across the length and breadth of the System. His boat ‘Justice’, recently repainted, was looking stunning. Look out for the story of their adventures in a new book!
The Arm is a tranquil kind of place. An antidote to the demands of the city.

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