Here’s our Fin racing up the towpath toward the boat… Sunday saw us say goodbye to our ‘Winter’ mooring at Hardwick Wharf. The sun shone. Andy & Theresa (who own the site) were busy planting a hawthorn hedge when we arrived so we were able to say goodbye and thank them for their kindness in providing ‘Eileen’ with an excellent Winter mooring. (Photo by Nick Holt)

The journey to our permanent home mooring could hardly be described as epic. We travelled less than a mile in fact to Grimsbury Wharf. (Photo – amended GoogleMaps image)
A last photo of Hardwick Wharf before we slipped ropes and headed away. (Photo by Nick Holt)
Joe steered (see HERE), Molly, Fin and Claire enjoyed the brief, hot sunshine. I stood back, took photos and wished we were able to keep going.  (Photo by Nick Holt)
Eileen turning into Grimsbury Wharf. Fin spots the narrow gauge railway that runs down one side of the mooring. (Photo by Nick Holt)
We’ve arrived. (Photo by Nick Holt)
Interestingly Grimsbury Wharf follows the old line of the South Oxford Canal and was only cut off from the ‘main line’ as it were when the canal was diverted as a result of  the building of the Hennef Way road bridge… (Photo – amended GoogleMaps image)

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