The new mooring for our old boat Eileen is a wonderland for kids…

Now, what might hide behind the ‘secret door’ in the side of this shed???

With the door removed, out rolls a battery ‘Ruston’ loco built by Pete. For wide-eyed and grinning boys this is ‘Thomas the Tank Engine‘ brought to life!
Away we go down the tracks hidden in the grass… Magical!
The line stretches the length of the mooring, passing boats being built ‘on the hard standing’, past stoves, picnic benches and other sheds…
Today’s trip finished the Boys push the ‘Ruston’ back towards the shed. They love doing ‘jobs’ for grown-ups, and take pushing the train very seriously…
See you again next time… ps. that’s a glimpse of Eileen moored in the background…

And finally, a little film showing why, for me, this mooring is so special, and why it’s so good to be back…


6 thoughts on “Pete’s Train

    1. Hi Amy

      The Arm is a great place for children, if you get over the anxiety of them clambering about old boats and rusting machinery. Getting the boat in there has provided areal impetus to get going on Eileen’s renovation too. There’s carpentry and painting afoot!

      best wishes


      ps. really enjoying following your progress on ‘Willow’, you’ve achieved so much in so short a time!


  1. Congratulations on getting such a great mooring; next to Pam? I’ve been following your blog for a while now but hadn’t twigged you were in Banbury! We have had a mooring at Banbury Tramway since February but been in the area for a few years. I have recently launched a website called Banbury Boaters ( take a look if you have time.

    Love your Wrinkled Tin series, do you know of the Black Shed at Slimbridge, beside the Gloucester & Sharpness canal?




    1. Hi Chris
      I moored with Pete for about 10 years up to 2008, and yep it’s lovely to get back, I’ve really fond memories of good friends made whilst mooring down ‘The Arm’. We’re not sure quite where on ‘The Arm’ our final mooring will be as yet, it all depends on boat movements over the Summer. I’ll definitely take a look at the Banbury Boaters site, thanks for letting me know about it… and no I didn’t know about the Black Shed, but it’s one I’ll certainly find out more about…

      Cheers, and best wishes, we’ll keep an eye out for Wrens Nest next time we pass Tramway…



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