Building in corrugated iron is alive and well in the 21st C. Architects across the world are pushing the material in ever more demanding directions, and the resulting buildings can be bold, modern and visually stunning, as these examples show…

Architects are using corrugated iron in extreme climates, either extreme cold see HERE, or sub-tropical or tropical areas, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere.
A Kiwi sheep station becomes a rugged domestic space…
Oh, and here’s the sheep…
The Iron Bar. This bar takes on a whole new dimension when clad in weathered corrugated iron.
Industrial chic? A silo becomes a modern home…
Simple, effective, strong, corrugated iron makes a brilliant house…
Or a bold visual statement such as this…

Apologies if this week’s post is a little too ‘Grand Designs’ for your taste, but the humble Anderson shelter or railway shed has certainly come a long way when you see these confident, and no doubt hugely expensive, designer statements…


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