Eileen – Renovation Update 3.

Now that I’ve pretty much agreed the design for Eileen’s Autumn repaint (see HERE), the next step is to finalise the exact colours. Oh boy what a minefield that’s leading me in to!

Just about anyone I talk to on the subject has a very particular view on just what shade of ‘bright’ red (brilliant red, post office red, signal red, strong red etc. etc.) goes with what type of ivory (cream, old white, mellow white, magnolia etc. etc.), and when it comes to the green, well there’s a whole world of choices and wildly differing opinions.

I’ve trawled the paint companies websites… and the paint charts… I’ve orders colour charts and samples, and still I’m struggling to visualise what a colour would look like on Eileen’s cabin sides.

In order to break the deadlock, and armed with colour swatches, I’m off to the Braunston Gathering at the weekend to take a look at the real thing, and try to get some advice from the experts.

If you see a confused looking bearded bloke stood by a Stewarts & Lloyds (S&L) tug armed with colour swatches and scratching his head, chances are it’ll be me!

Please stop and say hello, and perhaps share your opinion on which green best matches the S&L livery!

Or, if you actually do know where authentic S&L colours can be sourced please leave a comment below… many thanks, Nick.

Craftmaster Paints have many greens, but which is the right shade???
Yep, Narrowboat Paints have a ‘heritage’ green paint too…
From Craftmasters ‘heritage transport’ colour chart, but surely too olive?
Mmm, could Union Green be the answer? Is it too dark???

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