I was reading Charles Rangeley-Wilson’s blog the other day (full version of the post HERE) and I was struck by this paragraph:

I’ve compiled a list of ten books I read more or less once a year. Certainly I have read each of these several times over. I’d rather read a good book a second, third or fourth time than an indifferent book for the first time, and these all stand several reads. Apart from anything else successive reads let you peak around the edges of the narrative at the mechanisms working the thing along. And I find this endlessly interesting: analysing the trickery.

It got me thinking, and this is my list of books I’ve returned to again and again over the last few years:

Scarp Nick Papadimitriou
Waterlog Roger Deakin
Water Road Paul Gogarty
Circle Line: Around London By Small Boat Steffan Meyric Hughes
For Better For Worse, For Richer for Poorer Damian & Siobhan Warner
Silt Road Charles Rangeley-Wilson
Two Degrees West Nick Crane
Sea Room Adam Nicolson (review to follow)
Nature Cure Richard Mabey



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