As mentioned last week (HERE) specialist paint manufacturers Breakwell’s were able to mix up some Tekaloid-type coach enamel in the colours suggested by John Pattle. They provided an excellent friendly service, with the safely wrapped paint arriving within 48 hours of ordering.

I painted up a quick test strip last night to see what the colours might look together and was reassured by the result. I think we’ve cracked it!

The Grass Green is, well… grassy! I like it. The photo doesn’t really do the colour justice, it looks a slightly chalkier and richer colour in reality. I can’t quite explain it but it looks an old-fashioned colour, one that reminds me of 1950’s furniture, which feels about right. To my eye, on the test strip at least, the green sits well against the bright red and off-white. I think we might have found our palette of colours for the re-paint.

Hopefully I’ll be able to collect the large wooden tiller arm at the weekend and paint up something a little more substantial than a test strip, that should give us confirmation (or not!) as to whether we’ve got our colours.


Behind the scenes other jobs are also getting done. The woodwork on the side beds etc. should get under way this week, and I’ve lined up Sparks Marine Trimmers to do the upholstery at the end of the month, once accurate dimensions for the foam mattresses can be confirmed.

It’s great to move things on.


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