I came across this doodle the other day, I drew it  five years or more ago, and it captured my daydream of owning a boat again, and establishing our own small piece of canalside paradise. Now I’m not claiming we’re there yet, but looking at the doodle I was reminded just how far we’ve been able to come… heck we’ve even rode on the railway at our new mooring! (Photo by Nick Holt)

The doodle got me thinking about what’d go to make my ideal ‘home’ mooring. There were clues at the weekend when we visited by sister and family in Derbyshire. My journal entry recorded: a BBQ tea down on ‘The Land’ in the woods below the house. A smoky, fiery time, of chickens, and green branches, and guitar playing, of mother and calf, and smoke writing in the air, of fizz toasts and hay bales and a rat’s scuttle, and Victoria sponge. A level bit of land to rope the boat to; a bit of land to sit upon, and idle away the hours, to chat and meet friends; to set up a fire; the odd hen scratting about perhaps – now that has all the makings of my perfect mooring. (Photo by Nick Holt)


You can’t beat a bit of fiery, smoky writing in the air!  Adam tends the bonfire, and the kids delight in igniting green twigs and writing smoky messages in the Summer air. (Photo by Nick Holt)

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