Sparks Marine Trimmers, the upholsterer who’s been making the cushions for the kids bunks for our Eileen rang yesterday to confirm that the cushions were ready for collection; so last evening Mol and I headed out into the Buckinghamshire countryside to collect them.

Crossing the Chilterns we were caught in one of the most violent storms I’ve experienced in years. The road inundated, huge puddles forming in moments and visibility down to zero.

We were soaked by the time the cushions were transferred from car to boat.

As the photos below show, things are moving apace on with the woodwork and the scale and proportions of the new permanent additions to the boat can be seen for the first time… and, to my eye they look great.

This view shows the dinette in the fore-end of the boat, in double-bed mode. The chest to the right hand side isn’t permanent. It’s this end of the boat that’ll be Molly’s space in the evening, once the table’s collapsed into a bed. Ultimately we’ll add curtains between her and the boys’ side bunks to give her a little privacy.
A close-up of the dinette. I’m unable to show the dinette with cushions because, completely by accident, the carpenter gave me the wrong dimensions for the cushions and we’re going to have to go back to Sparks and re-order the lot. It’s a hugely disappointing, expensive and frustrating turn of events as it puts the project back at least a week.
This view looks backwards, towards the stern. We’ve made a conscious decision to make the ‘long cabin’ a very simple, ‘modern’ and hard-wearing space. The simple side benches maintain the uncluttered feel of the space and will double as the boys bunks in the evening.

If we’re to be able to use the boat at all this Summer holiday things are now really going to have to happen. Today’s the day for some honest and forthright conversations I reckon.


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