With the repaint of the boat looming (in September) I thought I’d test out the new colour scheme on something a little larger, so collected the ‘elum’ when I visited the boat at the end of last week. In this picture it’s installed on the kitchen table (where else???) and the previous colours can be seen, they were dark grey, bright red and cream. (Photo by Nick Holt 2013)

It was difficult to get a true likeness of the new colours in an indoor/evening photograph, the green for example has reproduced as a rather too vividĀ apple-y green, it’s much more subtle in reality… (Photo by Nick Holt 2013)
This photo shows the green in a slightly better light. Tekaloid paint is lovely to work with, good coverage, and allows you to work it for quite a while. Though I’ve just started, I’m pleased with the way the colours are coming together. ps. Jez who’ll be painting the boat has been in touch, he’s back from holiday and eager to get the paint ordered etc. Exciting times! (Photo by Nick Holt 2013)

5 thoughts on “Repainting the Elum

    1. Morning John,

      I struggled a bit when it came to lettering – between white lettering with shading – or cream.

      I’ve gone with cream with a thin black shadow.

      The lettering will be elongated sans serif lettering based on the style found on Stewarts & Lloyd’s tugs such as ‘Bittel’.

      Given that the boat is a former day boat rather than tug we’ll be working up our own lettering scheme…

      I’m really excited about the project – if a little nervous. A repaint is such a major investment, and just has to be right. I’m sure there’ll be lots of posts in the coming weeks as the project evolves.

      best wishes


  1. I’ll look up that reference. Having worked with type all my life, you can see that on The Two Terriers, I’ll keep watch. Sue and I always loved the Fellows Morton & Clayton commercial livery but yours is a more individual project even though it was a work boat. Good on the cream though, dark grey is always better than black too.

    Enjoy the boat, and the work.

    Best wishes,



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