Photo by Nick Holt 2012

From Great Expectations this has turned into a disappointing damp squib of a Summer with regard to getting out on the boat.

The planned internal works have, as is typical on the waterways, fallen wildly behind  schedule and won’t now be completed until the end of next week. It’s all incredibly frustrating.

In posts I’ve tried to stay positive, but there are times when I just want to turn the engine, loose the ropes and get ahead again. I’m missing the water road and the glorious Summer evenings, and feel trapped at home with too many demands on my time and gorgeous  sunsets to taunt me.

Today we’re off again. This time to house-sit for my sister in Derbyshire. High on a limestone plateau there’s little chance of watery posts, not least because the place has a lousy internet connection, however I’ll try to micro-post using the phone and see how I get on with that.

I hope your summer a-boat is faring better than mine?


2 thoughts on “Great Expectations?

  1. Nope, ours has been just like yours! I know the feeling exactly and would love to just untie and chug off, but we have a kitchen that’s unusable and 60′ by 7′ of flooring to lay…… we might get out next week, but not for long.


    1. Hi James,

      Sorry for my very tardy reply.

      My excuse is, we finally made 4 days away – it felt epic!!!!

      Lordy, how I could have continued going…

      But commitments, and a rapidly diminishing Summer holiday put paid to my romantic notions of a longer cruise, ah but the grand plans we have for the future! For the time being however that’s where they’ll stay – in the future! Because there’s a boat to paint inside and out, and a house to fix, and a school to run too…

      I love to dream though, of the journeys we’ll eventually take, and I reckon that’s half the reason I write a blog, to keep the candle of those daydreams aflame until they can become reality.

      Enjoy the remains of the Summer, and enjoy the adventure of your new boat, she’s a cracker!

      Best wishes



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