‘Eileen’ passing through Aynho Weir Lock (Photo by Nick Holt, August 2013)

I copied the following entry from Eileen’s Log:

Open countryside with lift bridges. Weeping willows and dark cornfields shielding the canal. High summer. Slow dancing bulrushes. Mown moorings. Rowdy and rushing M40 muscling in. Why the mania for speed? Steadily along the Water Road, listening to the water sounds. Kingfisher. Cabbage Whites (mainly Small Whites) crowding drunkenly on flowering buddleia. A line of tall poplars reflecting back the busy grumble of the engine. Seclusion. Seemingly cut off, the mind games of the Cut, given that the boat’s never more than a mile or two from civilisation it’s a quixotic isolation… Another kingfisher, brilliant flash of blue. Butterbur, a thousand broad green umbrellas. The courtesy of the few passing boaters. The drone of hornets, the manic and erratic breeze-torn wafting flight of dragonfly, the more manic cackle of flustered or frustrated mallard. The brackish clear water of the R. Cherwell crossing the canal above Aynho Weir Lock… A temptingly swimming hole at the end of a hot day…

I hope it just about captures the mood of a wonderful days inlanding?


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