On Sunday afternoon, as perhaps yesterdays Silent Sunday post hinted at, we visited our local canal festival at Angel, Islington, London. It’s oddly village-esque and community-led affair. Although centred on the City Road Basin and lock sadly it attracts very few visiting boats and has a greater focus on street stalls, Punch & Judy and a range of trips. The Floating Cinema was present though, as was this boat with it’s informal book sale…

City Lock swarming with visitors. It’s a really popular local event, the bright sunshine bringing out crowds of people who milled about trying to work out what to see and do. Confusion reigned and we all go wet!
The signs tell the story…
The streets were crowded.
Ice cream, fortune telling, plant sale and Punch & Judy
In the foreground the Floating Cinema, and then a couple of historic boats, sorry but with appalling lack of foresight I forgot to note which ones!

(ps. apologies for the lousy quality of the images. I didn’t take my camera along so these were shot on my i-phone – again. Hopefully my ailing laptop will be delivered into the care of an ICT technician today and normal service will be resumed soon…)

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