The boys love the new spaces. As the rain poured down outside they were fully engaged in cutting and pasting, and chatting and duck-spotting… a wonderfully focused and contented hour. (Photo by Nick Holt, August 2013)

In a lull between storms we welly-booted our way to supper at The Bell Inn, ideally siutated on the village ‘green’ at Lower Heyford. Externally it’s an attractive and historic pub, but we felt that indoors they missed an eye for detail, everything was just a degree away from ideal. The adult portions were too small, the kiddie portion too large and poor quality… The delicate chemistry that creates a good pub felt missing, despite all the elements being there: the building, the setting, the colourful locals, the wide menu, were all in place, however it needed a little magic to blend it together… (Photo by Nick Holt, August 2013)
The boys aren’t in the least phased by rain, or mud. Here they’re playing an improvised game of ‘Aunty Sally’. More on Aunt Sally below… (Photo by Nick Holt, August 2013)
As we strolled back to Eileen, the Narrowboat Trust’s ‘Large Northwich’ motor boat Nuneaton and butty Brighton, built as part of the massive expansion programme of the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company (G.U.C.C.Co.) in the mid-1930s, ploughed through in stately fashion. They were a fine sight in working trim. The rumble of the engine, sweeping silence of the butty.
And, of course, there’s always time for another blackberry…

Further Reading about Aunt Sally here:



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