Work on Eileen’s repaint has begun, and Saturday morning found the Boys and I driving up the M40 to Banbury to inspect the first week’s progress. Here’s what we found…

As can be seen by it’s exposed skeleton, the poly-tunnel we’re using was recently damaged in high winds. Half of it has been torn away. Happily the majority of Eileen’s repaint is focused on the 16ft. back cabin, so we’re pretty much unaffected by the tunnel’s sudden truncation!
Down the protected end of the tunnel Fin and Joe survey the work. Jez has done an amazing job! Taking advantage of last weeks fine weather he was not only able to strip back all paint to bare metal but also lay down a first coat on the roof and cabin sides. ‘Wow, is that our boat?’ was the Boys’ comment…
It’s amazing how quickly the crispness of the steelwork is being revealed from under layers of paint. There’s no longer any flaking paint to be seen anywhere. (ps. The hole in the back door was where the former owner had a cat flap, it’s being filled in…)
The boys are happy with the result… and give their seal of approval…
Gosh, don’t those sides look lovely! I’m amazed at how well the steelwork is coming up, the shape of the boat has been re-defined. Wonderful!
I so wish I could be here to see the boat evolve. The image of chrysalis to butterfly comes to mind.
And , of course, the Boys couldn’t resist ‘being trains’ on the line that runs the length of the mooring. More news next week.

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