A Sunday afternoon on our trip inland, and on a broad, well-mown towpath the Boys were able to take control and played happily; building a den out of sticks and a tartan blanket; creating tracks down the slope to race red London buses; searching for blackberries; searching for still more sticks… and generally having a brilliant time. Not bad for a couple of city boys!

And twigs become magic wands. Is Fin conjuring up that storm?!?
Before a walk down to the Great Western Arms we transferred the den to the cabin top for safe keeping, and to prevent other users from coming a cropper after dark…
Moored just behind us were Peter & David from nb. Hyskeir. They blog HERE. We had a grand chat about restoration and rivet counters, and about trials and tribulations of inlanding. It was great to meet you both! Meanwhile, the Boys were engrossed in fishing with nets.
And finally, well there are times when only Sellotaping a child to the Long Cabin side will do!

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