The sunnier days of Summer provide a tantalising counterpoint to the murk of a damp September morning at work in London. And on this particular Summer morning I found Joe sitting on the back deck simply watching the sunlight dance on the water. I didn’t disturb him. He was there for ages – watching contentedly.

With breakfast over the crusts and crumbs were taken outdoors and we fed the ever-present mallards. It was early. But getting up on a bright and sunny morning never seems a chore to me.
Even Claire, notorious for NOT being a morning person, was full of smiles and grace on such a warm and sunny morning.
And then it was away. The first lock that hot morning was Ayhno Weir. Joe surveys the scene from the cabin top. The lock is a curious shape, with narrow gates at each end, but with a chamber that widens out to around 20 feet. The lock only has a fall of around 1 foot, but it feeds the 12 foot deep Somerton Lock, 3 miles downstream, so the unusual shape is to allow extra water to be sent downstream each time the lock is used.The River Cherwell crosses the canal on a level just beyond Weir Bridge, sometimes creating interesting currents. (Information from HERE)
Looking back, towards the lock. The River Cherwell crosses here and passes under the multi-arch bridge. Claire and Fin, hidden behind the retaining wall of the bridge, potter along the towpath to meet us at Nell Bridge just up the canal…

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