I performed ‘last rites’ on my Macbook’s hard-drive this weekend, and I’m awaiting a new one. As regular readers will know I’ve been struggling to access photographs and load images to posts for a couple of weeks.

At the moment I can only load images via a work computer and then edit posts through the fiddle of the i-phone or the hassle of the i-pad (don’t believe everything Apps. claim, often they’re such severely cut-down versions of programmes that they prove to be painfully clunky to operate…).

Still, looking on the bright side, the hiatus has given me a chance to reflect on what kind of content I’m going to be focusing on as the boating season winds down.


To start the new regime today, here’s the first post in the new Reflections Series – which will bring together posts relating to the inland waterways as seen through artwork, craft (including painted ware) and literature.

Eileen on the Oxford in Summer (Digital print by Nick Holt 2013). It shows Eileen in her old livery. Other digital prints can be viewed HERE

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