Last weekend saw the Boys and I back in Grimsbury Wharf surveying progress on Eileen’s repaint. I had thought there wouldn’t be much to see, after the mizzly and chill Autumnal week we’d had. But progress there was!  The first coat of gloss is on the cabin sides and for the first time it’s possible to imagine what the boat’s going to look like when finished. Isn’t she a classy, glossy lady!

The ivory white coach lines are under the (orange-ish) tape between the Grass Green and Bright Red panels. I love the colours. Despite only being able to view the colour under the blue-green cast of the tarpaulins I think we’ve got the colours about right. I’m hugely pleased – and relieved!
There’s a long way to go yet, but all around the boat from bow to stern there are hints that our old lady is enjoying her facelift and details, such as the T-stud, are taking on a new lease of glossy life. I can’t wait to return this coming Saturday to see more…

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