We did just what the poster advises, and enjoyed an Autumnal day in Metroland…

Now, what you might think, has a walk in Metroland got to do with repainting (see yesterday post HERE) our old boat Eileen? Well, as we reach the mid-point of Eileen’s repaint, quite a lot really. We’re getting to the stage of committing to the final designs for the lettering that’ll hopefully grace the sides of the boat, and the lettering on show at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre (BRC) really helped confirm what we want and perhaps more importantly don’t want to achieve.
The lettering style we’ve agreed upon is a composite of a number of different lettering forms, it’ll still be primarily based on Stewart & Lloyds tug lettering (see previous post HERE) but will also be our interpretation of more general ’30s industrial design, as exemplified by the London Transport lettering seen here, which for me is the epitome of legibility, clarity and seeming simplicity – so no curlicues or vivid colours on Eileen’s cabin sides, just pure elongated sans serif in black & white. (ps. I love the juxtaposition of old pram and enamel sign seen at BRC)
Sharp edges and straight lines, a balanced and harmonious font. A brief history of London Transport corporate design HERE and HERE.

(All photos by Nick Holt, August 2013)


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