After a flush of success, when photographs and fascinating details emerged almost weekly, things have gone ominously quiet and I seem to have reached a dead end in researching Eileen’s history.

There are two grey periods I’d love to explore further;

the first period being what happened to Eileen after disposal from the Hickman/S&L fleet at Spring Vale:

  • How was she disposed?
  • Where did she go? Why did she survive when so many others were cut up?
  • What did she do? Was she in storage with the intention of conversion to a pleasure boat as the later evidence implies?
  • Who owned her? 
  • Where was she based?  
  • How did she end up in the early 1960’s in Skipton on the L&L, cut down to 62′ long and  marinised seemingly awaiting her first engine?

And the second grey period is after Mick & Judy Vedmore sold her in the late 1970’s to an Australian couple. Within a brief period of barely a couple of years the boat had a been given a completely new full-length conversion and was based at Abbey Chase, Chertsey Lock on the R. Thames in the ownership of a Paul Pepperell.

From this:

eileen Hatton 80s 0030

to this:


I believe he’d bought the boat at Thrupp on the Oxford.

  • When was the conversion done?
  • Who did it? And for whom?
  • How did the boat end up at Thrupp?
  • Does anyone remember it?
  • Does anyone remember Paul Pepperell, moored at Abbey Chase, or could pass on my contact detail???
  • What happened after Paul sold her, to who and when???

Questions, questions, questions! Can anyone help me find answers, answers, answers?

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