After an ‘ugly’ rush hour drive along the A40 Westway and up the M40 it was a delight to get to the peace and relative sanity of Grimsbury Wharf and the boat; and see the progress made on the lettering. Eileen’s name is back on the stern, and looks just right (this i-phone snapshot really doesn’t do it justice). Jez and I then spent a fascinating hour talking through scale and proportions for the larger lettering that’ll grace the back cabin’s six side panels (three on each side). Jez will be working with 2-1 proportions for the letters ie. the width of the letters will be roughly half the height. The main lettering is going to be around a foot high, then there will be medium letters and small… confusing I know, but by the end of our conversation, as twilight edged towards darkness all the decisions had been made and there were smiles and hand shakes all around. Jez starts painting the letters in the morning – I wish I could be there to watch the signwriting, instead I returned to the car, the motorway and the journey back to London.

4 thoughts on “Paint, Colour & Lettering – The Re-paint Diary #4.

    1. Thanks, hey and well done with al your research into Willow’s history, it’s fascinating stuff! I can’t wait to hear more.

      best wishes



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