It’s been a frantic day, a good one too, and one that brought a huge sigh of relief when we visited our Eileen. A part of me had been quietly dreading the visit, just in case the lettering was utterly wrong. I’m unable to do a full post tonight, but hopefully these few images will show that Jez has indeed done a fine job, and created a lettering form that’s both uniquely Eileen-esque┬ábut also shows a respectful nod to tradition too.
I’ll get a few more photos sorted out over the next few days and give a fuller description of the lettering then. Suffice to say, I think it’s quirky, just a little different, and frankly I love it!

5 thoughts on “A Huge Sense of Relief! – The Re-paint Diary #6.

    1. Cheers Andy, Graham, Jill, and John

      I really do feel that Jez Barrington (who’s done all the work) has done us proud, he’s done a fantastic job in difficult circumstances and limited time, and come up with what feels like a new boat!

      I’m now eager to get her out of the yard and into a space where I can have a proper look at her, and see if I feel the job’s done, or still in need of a few more tweaks.

      Certainly over the Winter there’s miriad smaller paint jobs that need doing:

      1. I’m going to be completing the tiller arm and various external cupboards etc. in suitable colours and designs
      2. There’s the boat’s Watercan to complete, mmm yep, more Man v. Can posts in the offing!
      3. The ‘Long Cabin’ is now looking a bit tired, and is in need of a top coat of matt black…
      4. Not to mention red ‘raddle’ paint for the stern well deck and gunnels etc. etc.

      So plenty to keep me busy I reckon before next season.

      best wishes

      ps. Andy, I’m looking forward to hearing more about your butty project over the Winter!


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