Digital print by Nick Holt October 2013

I’ve been keeping a journal of one form or another since I was 15 years old. I enjoy taking time out to think things through, to reflect on experiences, and record what learning might or might not have taken place as a result of the experience…

At college in the early 1980’s I linked my fascination with journal writing to artwork and for several years obsessively recorded the changing seasons on one short walk along the River Derwent, and above the cliffs in Matlock Dale, Derbyshire. I’d take that same walk day after day, season after season. I’d use sound recordings, photography, painting, drawing and film to document what I saw, heard and felt…

And today – some 30 years on – this blog is an extension of that early documentary activity. It’s regular posts, the photographs, the occasional video now explores not a walk but a boat.

The print above hints at the clutter I tend to have around me when steering the boat. Alongside the relevant Nicholson Map, there will often be a facsimile of a historic map of the waterway too; a camera (or two); a notebook/sketchbook; perhaps a book identifying wild flowers/birds, oh, and a mechanical/propelling pencil…

How I ever steer straight and reach a destination I don’t know!?!


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