There are a couple of questions you tend to get asked when people find out you own a boat. The first, and most common is “Is it cold in Winter?” The second is, “What do you find to do all day, moving at walking pace, doesn’t it all get just a little boring?” Now, anyone who’s ever experienced boating will know that the former really isn’t the case at all, in fact it’s the opposite. Many times I’ve found myself throwing open windows and doors on a frosty day after over-enthusiastically stoking up the ‘Morso’ stove… And, as far as the latter goes, well although the days are markedly different from the headlong rush of the rest of life, they’re all the better for that! Boring they are NOT!
From the back deck to the galley, from cabin top daydreaming to lock-setting, life on the waterways is jammed-packed with incident, laughter, drama and contrast. Whether that contrast be country to town, seasonal change, the (seemingly hourly) weather changes; the evolving view around the next corner; the calm, then sudden excitement of scutter of coots; the gallop of young bullocks charging, the sudden surprise of a ‘Large Woolwich’ motor boat appearing at just the wrong moment in a bridge hole – boating sure ain’t boring!

ps. other posts in the ‘Reflections’ Series can be found HERE.


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