During the nineties, before I got married, it became a bit of a standing joke at work that, towards the end of the Summer Term, when people we excitedly sharing their plans for their Summer global conquests I would, just as enthusiastically say, oh yes I’m planning to ‘Circumnavigate the Midlands’.

Year after year I’d have a camping & boating ‘Boat Party Weekend’ at the start of the school holidays, and then spend a month or so following a different route around the Midlands, exploring both main line and backwater.

It was my way of enjoying the work we’d done on whatever boat I had at the time over the long Winter months when, to be honest, the boat tended to be more a workshop-cum-shed-cum-tea-soaked canteen than boat.

I was sorting through yet more packing cases at the weekend (yep, after three years in this house we’re nearly unpacked!) and found a set of photos from one such circumnavigation. They were taken I would think in Summer ’96 or ’97.

As a gentle quiz today I thought you might like to hazard a guess at locations…

nb. Onward ‘Enjoying’ typical Midlands summertime weather…
nb. Onward ‘Nearly there!’
Early morning, on nb. Onward, and enjoying the millpond calm…
nb. Onward A taste of urban on a predominantly rural route.
nb. Onward. Towards evening, time for a little refreshment!

Other adventure inland can be found by clicking HERE.

3 thoughts on “Circumnavigating the Midlands

  1. Wow! Quick turn-around Adam!

    I reckon if there were a prize it’d be heading your way as you’ve cracked it! Well done.

    (To be honest, given it’s probably a decade since I passed that way I was a bit shaky on two of them and was planning on checking my log tonight – you’ve saved me having to do that, thanks!)

    with very best wishes



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