I’ve finally got a few of the photos of our most recent trip on Eileen off the camera and into a post.
So, here’s Eileen with Fin in charge! He took his responsibilities very seriously, and despite the fact that we were still firmly tied to the bank, he refused to let go of the tiller the whole time that Town Lock was filling!
Cabin Painter Jez wasn’t able to finish what he’d planned to do on the boat before the damp weather prevented any further outdoor painting before next Spring, and the design, on the rudder in particular, may well not be the final version as there’s a part of me that thinks it’s perhaps a little too fancy.

Boats are good for kids!


Out of Banbury and the boat’s now in the charge of Joe. It’s really noticeable that, even in the couple of months since we were last out on the boat in the Summer, both boys have grown and are becoming more and more serious about being able to steer the boat.¬†We were particularly lucky with the weather, despite it being chilly we enjoyed pretty much uninterrupted sunshine. Golden Days!

More tales from ‘inland’ tomorrow.


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