The long shadows of ‘late’ afternoon. (Though late is a pretty relative thing now that the clocks have gone back. It ┬ábegan around 3.30!) The last triumphant rays of sunlight cast a golden light on Eileen’s refreshed paintwork as we pass under Bridge 172 heading towards the disruption of the M40.

That’ll be me and Claire then, one of those lets hold the camera out and see what happens shots. I’m steering, and Claire’s still keeping a weather-eye on three wriggling, noisy kids – honest!


Oh, and just in case you wondered what we’d done with Molly, well she was on board throughout but preferred the warmth of the Long Cabin to the chill of the cabin top… though even she was tempted outside by the last of the sunshine.


Mmm, I think we might have got our timings a bit wrong. The sun’s going down but we’re nowhere near our intended night mooring. Looks like a twilight trip’s ahead… Yeah!


Simply Autumn. I can almost smell the wood smoke in this photo.


On the long curving level between the M40 and Nell’s Bridge, Fin points out birds and animals moving in twilight. It’s all such an adventure for a small city boy. I’m happy he’s experiencing it.

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