Today’s post was prompted by a comment posted HERE by John Richardson who writes the wonderful Two Terriers blog. John has recently published a book of delightful drawings and observations on the characterful Jack Russell.

So here’s a few photos, mainly of the charismatic Patch aboard Eileen.

An initially nervous Patch takes charge of Eileen for the first time, this was last year when he helped deliver Eileen from Great Haywood to Braunston.
Vi & Patch taking stock, before leaving Great Haywood Marina
“Now who put that saucepan covered chimney there???”
Under way. Jim at the helm, Patch on watch.
Patch “Captain of all he surveys…”
“Thirsty work this boating, time for a cuppa…”
“Oi! I’m in charge here!”
Ah, and this is Patch’s predecessor Brandy caught on camera at the 2006 Braunston Boat Rally
And Patch as a pup the same year…
Braunston 2011, and Patch is guarding the entrance to Vi’s boat…

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