That Summer it was hot. Day after day. Sunshine became certainty. The fields yellowed, the water levels low. It was hot. We left London on the Friday evening in a convoy of cars.

Frazzled city-livers heading west. That night we talked late. We lay on the cabin top marveling at the starlit canopy of the night sky. We spotted constellations using a star chart as we knew so few. Next day we set off on my as yet unnamed 28′ boat. We didn’t travel far, achieving distance wasn’t a goal, it was all about friendship, about being outdoors together, about sharing that moment. We had the best if times that weekend.








2 thoughts on “Digital Sunshine 2. ‘Friends-Ship’

  1. Hi Nick,
    Thanks so much for your prolific blogging. I’ve been silently enjoying it for a long time. As one of the people in these sets of fantastically nostalgic pictures (funny – I now remember the 90s as full of doubt, self discovery and angst) and working currently on how technology could be used to slow us down rather than speed us up, I was remembering how fantastic a technology a narrow boat is to achieve this aim. Travelling slower than walking pace, I seem to remember after days with you on various narrow boats, getting back onto dry land and walking at my normal pace and being shocked at how fast the world was flitting past me. Or am I romanticising?


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