I’ve given today’s post the title ‘Odd?’ because the post describes fragments of a dream I had last night. A boat dream, well sort of…

This is the jigsaw of images I can remember:

summer morning… moorland canal… narrow locks… a live-aboard old narrowboat… single-handed and at other times the same boat crowded with people… [ticktock] mossy lock walls… sudden switch to wide river… a powerful sense of urgency, as if traveling against the clock… [ticktock] flooded, swollen river the boat moving fast… bizarre turn (awareness within the dream that it’s bizarre) up a slipway and onto a road... [ticktock] moving along the road slowly, heavily, steam-traction-engine-like… tang of soot and woodsmoke… along lanes through a crowded High Street all bustle, noise and stress… ticktock against the clock… down steep hills struggling for steerage, sweeping too fast around corners, battling with the rudder… [ticktock] back into water, a shallow, clear chalk stream only inches deep, mirroring fish… into a series of millponds and down flowing cascades… [ticktock] returning to a canal through woodland and a sense of nearing a destination, but not quite arriving

Nope, I’ve not a clue what it means either!

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