With the temperature falling and, in London at least, freezing fog lingering ’til lunchtime, my thoughts are increasingly turning to boat-related activities away from the boat and close to the snug warmth of hearth and home. I’m thinking ‘Can’ to be exact. I mentioned HERE my intention to get back into Can painting, and I’ve got also got plans for a stool to be painted alongside completing that first Can. More of that tomorrow…

For today I thought I’d share this image of a Bushell’s Bros. water can showing flowers graphically described by Tony Lewery in ‘Flowers Afloat’ as:

surprisingly graceless and lumpy […] with thick finger-like petal strokes with little sense of form [and] pansy-type flowers [that] look like whirling swastikas […] whilst the leaves eddy around them in a rather unsettling way !

I can’t say I agree, taken as a complete Can, it all looks rather balanced, thoughtful, coherent and ‘right’ to me.



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