I was woken by a beaming Fin this morning brandishing this picture, ‘It’s you Daddy!’. The more I looked at the picture, replete in Xmas jumper, the more I thought how far I was away from the simple, smiling, carefree bloke in a boat that Fin had drawn. So there’s my prompt to action for 2014 – to be more like the smiling daddy in the boat, and less the grumpy old codger who’s too tired and too stressed for too much of the time.

Welcome to my new Slow Boat mentality, and whatever you’re doing this festive season, I hope you have a happy, and very MERRY Christmas 🙂

(ps. I’m taking a breather for a couple of days… it’s time for welly-walks, presents, mince pies and most of all Claire and our family… so no solo-blogging for a bit…)



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